Whitby Gin - The Demeter Edition

The Demeter Edition

Whitby Gin, The Demeter Edition is inspired by the world-famous story of Dracula. The Demeter is the vessel which brought Count Dracula to the shore of Whitby one stormy night.  This gin is a rich and juniper-forward spirit with sweet notes of plum and a spiced finish.  Coastal botanicals pay tribute to the treacherous journey the Demeter and its crew had to ensure from Varna to the UK. The use of plum was chosen for their rich flavour and because they are of course one of bat's favourite foods!

Strength: 42% ABV

Palate:It is a well-harmonised herbal gin with citric notes. This rich gin has elements of plum and powerful coastal flavours that fade into a pleasantly spiced finish.

Nose: It’s fragrant on the nose, led by the heather tip, rosehip and elderflower.

Serve: Enjoyable on the rocks as well as a gin and tonic. Fill a glass with lots of chunky ice and add 50ml of Whitby Gin - Demeter Edition. Pair with 150ml of Pink Peppercorn tonic & garnish with a slice of orange & black peppercorns.

Vegan friendly