Whitby Gin - Bramble & Bay Edition


With British blackberries and bay leaf, the Bramble & Bay Edition is a feast for the senses. 

The childhood joy of finding a thicket bejewelled with blackberries has never left us. As children, we would return home, the evidence of our gorge smeared across or cheeks. Now, with the same delight, we collect the plumpest berries for our Bramble and Bay Edition. 

Strength: 38% ABV

  • Palate: Our signature botanicals are complemented by the sweet red fruits and earthy bay leaf to create a beautifully balanced fruit-led dry gin. Bramble and Bay is the perfect drink to enjoy fireside on cosy evenings. 

    Nose: A distinctly herbal and floral scent with a hint of sweetness.

  • Enjoyable on the rocks as well as a gin and tonic.

    Fill a glass with lots of chunky ice and add 50ml of Whitby Bramble and Bay Gin. Pair with 150ml elderflower Fever-Tree tonic & garnish with wedge of lime & a fresh basil leaf.