We have pulled together this handy Q&A page to help with any questions you may have about the new distillery.


Frequently Ask Questions



The protection of the ocean and our coastline is of key importance to us. Here at Whitby Distillery we do everything we can to play our part to protect our planet (link to sustainability page).


Will the distillery result in air pollution including smells?
No. The production of gin results in no air pollution.
Will the distillery result in noise pollution?
No. The distillery will emit little noise. A generator will be stored in a sound proofed building. The main building will be well insulated to reduce the ability for sounds to be heard outside.
Will the distillery result in light pollution?
The light from the site will be no more than a common household. Trees and greenery will be planted in front of the site to limit any light pollution. During the evening, specially designed shutters will raise to restrict light from passing out of the building.
How will you recycle?
We are on track to remove all plastics from our processes and operate a zero-landfill policy. Cardboard with be compacted and baled on site to remove the need for refuse vehicles to attend site. Botanical waste will be stored and composted as well dried to become biofuel.
Will the renovation be in keeping with the architectural surrounding of the Whitby Abbey?
Yes. We will be utilising old stone which is currently heaped on the south side of the barns. This stone is from the demolished farmhouse. We will incorporate slate and wooden barn doors.
How will the site be sustainable?
We aim to support the running the site on renewable energy through the strategic placement of solar panels hidden from view. Rainwater will be stored and used in the distilling process and a heat recovery system will be installed to capture the waste heat from the distillation process which will be utilised to heat the building.
What will the impact on local wildlife be?
Wildlife we be encouraged through the incorporation of a living roof as well as reintroducing native herbs in the surrounding area under the guidance of English Heritage’s senior gardens advisor. The green spaces around the site will be cleared of rubbish and transformed into area where our wild botanicals can grow attracting bees and other insects important to the environment.
Will there be an increase of traffic in town due to the distillery?
Due to the location of the site we will encourage visitors to Whitby to park at the Headland Car Park if there is a need to drive.
Will the distillery have disabled access?
Yes. The distillery will have complete disability accessibility.
How will you access the distillery?
The location of the barns is between the Abbey Headland Carpark and the Whitby Abbey. The public can access the site via Abbey Headland Carpark run by Scarborough Council or by foot. This distillery can be visited via the 199 steps or by using Caedmon’s Trod which is an underutilised public footpath in the heart of the town.
Will there be parking fees at the site?
Those visiting via cars will be encouraged to use the Abbey Headland Pay and Display Carpark run by Scarborough Council.
What will the opening hours be?
The site will be open to the public from 10am-5pm Monday - Sunday. This site will be available for private hire and as such the opening hours may vary.
When will the site be open?
Due to the current climate the timeline is under review.
How will you access the Whitby Abbey site while building work takes place?
There will be no change to the access of Whitby Abbey.
What security measures will be in place?
Security of the site is paramount. The building is designed to be secure whilst cameras, alarm systems, hedges and electronic gate system will be used to ensure security is at the highest level.
Will there be employment opportunities?
Yes. Upon completion we hope to employ a number of employees on a range of part-time to full time basis. As distilling is a new industry to the area, we will in the first instance offer training to staff. In the longer term we endeavour to work with the local schools and colleges to encourage further education in engineering, manufacturing and business studies.
Will the distillery impact the view of the Whitby Abbey?
No. The site renovation is sympathetic to the sensitive setting. The design pays tribute to Abbey Lands Farm which stood at this site until 1998.
How will the distillery impact on the trade of other businesses locally?
Due to the year-round appeal of the distillery we expect an increase in visitors to the town in a typical off season which is expected to be a benefit to surrounding businesses. For those businesses currently selling Whitby Gin we plan to offer incentives to their customers in the form of tour discounts.
How long will the building work take?
We anticipate to the building work to take up to 6 months. However due to the current climate we are unable to commit to an exact timescale.
Will locals get discount or any other benefit?
Yes there will be discount available for locals. More details one this will be released as part of the distillery opening.
Will there be an increase in drunken activities on the headland?
This site is primarily a manufacturing site. Tours and private hire will be available. This site is not a drinking establishment and therefore we do not anticipate or will encourage anti-social behaviour.
Do you plan to expand the distillery in the future?
We do not intend on expanding the size of the buildings. The proposed site has been designed so that we are able to grow our current business capabilities to a reasonable size. If the business was to outgrow the site, we would look to move activities such as bottling and storage to Whitby business units.
What consideration has there been to the historical site of significance?
Due to the location of the site, an archaeologist has been engaged from the start of the process. The history of the barns and surrounding grounds will be showcased and highlighted as part of the tour experience. Unique botanicals to the area will be encouraged to grow following guidance of English Heritage’s senior gardens advisor. These will go on to be used in our products while educating our visitors and customers on their history and use.
Is this a seasonal attraction?
We expect more visitors in the summer. However, as the tours can take place undercover, we anticipate the distillery to attract visitors to Whitby during the typical off season.
What services will the site offer?
Whitby Distillery aims to offer an educational and enjoyable visitor experience which can be accessed all year round. The visitor experience venue and exhibition/hire space will embed and build on the strong links Whitby Gin and the distillery has to the adjacent English Heritage attraction.
We are so excited to bring our distillery in to the heart of Whitby and we hope you are too. If you still have questions please do get in touch


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