Whitby Distillery Spirits Walkway


Set your family's name in history or celebrate the life of a loved one for generations to come. 

In the grounds of our new Distillery by the world famous English Heritage Site - Whitby Abbey, we are creating a unique pathway leading into our new home. And we would like you to be part of this exciting venture! 

The walkway will be a part of history, created and set in a cast iron plates, allowing you to be a part of this wonderful adventure and feature your name or family name on the glorious path. All proceeds from the walkway will go towards our new distillery build, to find out more please click here.

Note -The walkway will be laid at the end of the build program which is currently expected to complete at the end of 2024/25


Please use these examples when calculating your names:

Luke Pentith = 1 name, costs £125
Luke & Jessica Pentith = 2 names, costs £250
Luke Pentith & Jessica Slater = 2 names, costs £250

Luke, Jessica & Winnie Pentith = 3 names, costs £375
The Pentith Family = 1 family name, costs £175

Please confirm the name in the 'notes' section in the basket prior to checkout. 

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