Whitby Gin - Original Edition


Whitby Gin, The Original Edition is a true taste of home, distilled with locally foraged sugar kelp, heather and honey for a bold yet balanced flavour.

The Original Edition is the gin we felt our home town deserved. We spent many months developing the award-winning flavour combination which marries 12 traditional gin botanicals with our signature ingredients. 

Winner of Best British London Dry Gin at the 2019 World Gin Awards.

Strength: 42% ABV

  • Palate:A balanced and well-rounded gin, The Original Edition is distilled with 12 traditional botanicals and our signature ingredients for a harmonious flavour combination. 

    Sugar kelp foraged from Robin Hood’s Bay at low tide. Heather from the North York Moors. Yorkshire honey from a local beekeeper. Our botanicals were selected both for their delicious flavour and to champion one aspect of Whitby’s varied natural surroundings.

    Clean and fresh on the palate with a hint of juniper. 

    Nose: A distinctly herbal and floral scent with a hint of sweetness.

  • Enjoyable on the rocks as well as a gin and tonic.

    Fill a glass with lots of chunky ice and add 50ml of Whitby Gin - Original Edition. Pair with 150ml of Mediterranean Fever-Tree tonic & garnish with pink grapefruit & a sprig of rosemary.