The Different Types of Gin Drinkers

November 25, 2020 2 min read

The Different Types of Gin Drinkers

We all have friends and family members who love gin but what type of Gin Lover are they.

The Gin Purist

A traditionalist through and through, they take joy in meaningful details and fine craftsmanship. The Gin Purist loved gin long before it was ‘the’ drink to sip. They often sample their gin neat over ice to really absorb the complexity of flavours before adding tonic.

Our Original Edition is the drink for them. Winner of International accolades including Best British London Dry and Great Taste Awards the 70cl Gift Set showcases our bottle and two beautiful glass tumblers perfectly for arousing the aromas of this gin. 

The Fruity Fanatic

These gin lovers are often new to the gin scene and love a pink tipple in the summer months. Their bubbly personality and love for colour are their defining attributes.  Fruity Fanatics often have a sweet tooth and inquisitive nature which makes our Bramble & Bay Edition the perfect gift.

Our Bramble & Bay is a Dry Fruit Gin and when paired with the Elderflower Tonic has a delicious fruity burst and herbaceous aroma from the Bay Leaf.

The Newbie

The friend or family member who has recently tried to give gin another go following a life defining hangover about a decade ago.

Our Triple Pack gives your new gin comrade a chance to really get to grips with the type of gin drinker they are. Whether they are acquiring a taste for dry, fruit or have a unique tipple this Triple Pack contains spirit to delight the senses.

The Gin Collector

Their Drink Cabinet sits pride of place in their home and hosts beautiful bottles perfectly lined up and often categorised. Gin Collectors seek out the finest gins and beautiful bottles to enhance their Drink Cabinet display.

Push the Boat out Package gives your budding gin collector the full range in our beautiful bespoke bottle. The texture of the waves and the worlds first ammonite base are just a few of the feature they will surely want to showcase in their collection.

The Super-fan

Whether they are a Gin fan or a Yorkshire loving bird our Founders Packs are a beautiful gift of heritage. We are inviting members to put their gin tasting skills to the test and join our Tasting Panel to help create the future products of Whitby Distillery. We are also engraving their names on the Founders Wall as a thank you for their contribution to the new Distillery. To find out more: