Supporting Yorkshire Wildlife: How Our Distillery Donations Make a Difference

July 10, 2024 2 min read

Supporting Yorkshire Wildlife: How Our Distillery Donations Make a Difference

The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust holds a special place in our hearts. As passionate animal and nature lovers, we wanted to create a product that could give back to the community and environment we cherish.

We proudly donate £5 from every bottle of Navy Strength sold, along with additional business funds, to support our local environment. We are thrilled to announce that we'll soon be donating another £5,000! This donation isn’t just a number; it’s fueling real, impactful change for Yorkshire’s incredible wildlife. The State of Nature Report 2024 highlights some vital areas where our contributions are making a difference.

Whitby, though a bustling town, is brimming with wildlife. From the seals that bob up to greet you while paddleboarding, to the dolphins that playfully frolic as you watch from shoreside cafés, and the fascinating rock pools waiting to be explored, we are committed to protecting this vibrant ecosystem. We believe in doing everything we can to ensure these natural wonders continue to thrive.

Yorkshire’s coastal and marine environments are true treasures, boasting a vibrant mosaic of habitats like chalk reefs, kelp forests, gravelly seabeds, and rocky shores. These areas are not only breathtaking but also home to wildlife of national and European significance. Our kelp beds, stretching northwards between Flamborough and Staithes, are part of a vast North Sea network that absorbs an astonishing 1,300 tonnes of organic carbon annually through photosynthesis. 

But there’s more work to be done. Subtidal seagrass beds, for instance, are critically endangered in the European Red List of Marine Habitats. Both UK species of seagrass (Common and Dwarf Eelgrass) are nationally scarce. Since 1900, the seagrass meadow in the Humber Estuary off Spurn Point has shrunk by over 98%, from 480 hectares to just 7 hectares. Yet, hope is not lost. The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, with our support, is working tirelessly to restore and enhance this vital habitat.

Let’s talk about our charismatic keystone species – the puffins. Sand eels, their primary food source, are moving northward due to climate change, forcing puffins to travel further and leaving their chicks vulnerable. Every summer, fewer puffin nests succeed, and fewer pufflings fledge. Our donations help fund efforts to protect these essential species and their habitats.

The North Sea, including Yorkshire’s marine waters, was once a bustling hub of marine life with thriving oyster reefs, seagrass beds, and kelp forests. Today, the pressures of human impact have taken a toll. But we believe in the power of nature’s recovery! By supporting drastic measures and innovative conservation efforts, we can bring back the vibrancy of these waters.

Our donations are fueling these essential conservation projects, aiding in the restoration of habitats and the protection of endangered species. Together, we’re ensuring Yorkshire’s coastal and marine environments not only survive but thrive for generations to come.

Join us in this exciting journey of environmental stewardship and witness the positive impact we can create together!