Discover Whitby Distillery: A Destination Unlike Any Other

May 20, 2024 1 min read

Discover Whitby Distillery: A Destination Unlike Any Other

Nestled in the tranquil shadow of the ancient abbey, our vision for the new distillery is truly spectacular. From handcrafted spirits to immersive tasting experiences, here's a preview of the delights that await you at our upcoming distillery.

Discover Whitby Distillery: A Destination Unlike Any Other

Set against the stunning backdrop of Whitby Abbey, our site captures the last rays of sunlight in this picturesque town. Imagine unwinding at the end of your day, gazing over the town with the majestic abbey behind you, sipping on a deliciously crafted coastal G&T.

The Eco-Friendly Design

Our new distillery will boast an eco-friendly build featuring green roofs and a botanical garden. Drawing inspiration from the historical farmhouse that once graced this land, we are committed to preserving heritage while offering a tranquil escape from the town's hustle and bustle.

Tasting Lounge with a View

Complete your visit with a stop at our tasting lounge. You will be able to pre-book a tasting experience and soak in panoramic views of Whitby while enjoying our signature spirits.

Versatile Events Space

Our events space will overlook Whitby Abbey and open onto our lush botanical garden, making it ideal for hosting a variety of events. From dining clubs to health and well-being sessions, exhibitions to small weddings and everything in between, our venue promises unforgettable experiences.

A Hub for Manufacturing and More

The heart of our operations, our site houses our manufacturing facilities alongside a small retail space. We're committed to environmental stewardship, integrating bird boxes, beehives, and other initiatives to support local biodiversity.