March 15, 2021 2 min read

We have spent this month finalising the material choices for the new distillery and preparing for the clearing works to begin on site.
Guided by the strong values we hold on environmental sustainability; we have selected low embodied carbon materials. We are using bio-based materials, i.e., grown, rather than petrochemical derived products. These materials have the added benefits of good breathability, low toxicity, and promote good indoor air quality.
 We are now finalising the outside appearance of the site and want to share with you the materials we have selected.
Just before the recent cold spell, Luke and I visited a local quarry, tucked away on the edge of the North York Moors. The idyllic scenery was the most beautiful setting to be selecting one of the most important materials for the build.
We want the distillery to have a distinct identity but stay true to its roots and so we have chosen herringbone cut stone for the new exterior walls.
The beautiful pattern is typical of the area and can be spotted on many of the older properties in and around Whitby.
As well as selecting the outer stone, we also finalised the Corten steel panels. This material will be used on the outside of the new southern barn as well as for the Founder's Wall. For all of you who have the 'Endeavour' Package, it is this material which will have your name cut out of it.
The colours above display the change in appearance of Corten steel panels from new on the left to 40 years on the right.
It might look like it's rusty, but thanks to clever manipulation in its processing, the outer oxidisation actually protects the steel from further corrosion and as you can see, it only gets better with age!