Discover Our Unique Gins and Rums - Tasting Notes

May 08, 2024 2 min read

Discover Our Unique Gins and Rums - Tasting Notes

Here at Whitby Distillery, we love crafting coastal spirits using locally foraged botanicals and traditional methods. Each of our offerings is a celebration of the flavours of Yorkshire, infused with a touch of creativity and a nod to our coastal heritage. Let's explore our range:

Original Whitby Gin (42% ABV)

Crafted with moorland heather, sugar kelp, and honey, our flagship gin is a true taste of the Yorkshire coastline. Pair it with Fever-tree Mediterranean tonic, pink grapefruit, and rosemary for a refreshing experience.

Wild Old Tom (42% ABV)

Embrace Victorian-style sweetness with notes of wild gorse, gooseberry, and honey. Serve with Fever-tree Lemon tonic, lemon, and fresh mint to enhance its unique profile.

Bramble & Bay (38% ABV)

A delightful blend of British blackberry, bay leaf, and vanilla creates a dry fruit gin. Enjoy it with Fever-tree Elderflower tonic, lime, and basil for a sophisticated twist.

Demeter (42% ABV)

Inspired by Whitby's Gothic history, Demeter features black plum, vanilla, and pepper dulse. Try it with Merchants Heart Pink Peppercorn tonic, orange, and black peppercorns for a bold flavour experience.

Navy Strength (57% ABV)

Our maritime-inspired Navy Strength gin is robust and bold, with a portion of proceeds supporting the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. Pair it with Fever-tree Premium tonic and lemon for a classic G&T.

Prince of Darkness (42% ABV)

Cask-aged with cherries and citrus, Prince of Darkness offers a Transylvanian twist. Enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or in a champagne cocktail for an unforgettable taste.


Real Rhubarb (42% ABV)

Experience true Yorkshire flavor with our Real Rhubarb gin, crafted without artificial additives. Shake and serve with Fever-Tree Light tonic, lime, and ginger for a zesty treat.

Whitby Rum (40% ABV)

Infused with sea-buckthorn and pepper dulse, our Whitby Rum is aged in Madeira casks for a mellow, spiced profile. Mix with Artisan Ginger beer and lime for a refreshing drink.

Whitby RNLI Dark Rum (42% ABV)

Support a great cause with every sip of our spiced dark rum, featuring cassia bark, cloves, and sea buckthorn. Serve with Artisan Smoked Cola and lime to complement its rich flavours.

Join us on a journey through the tastes of Whitby and Yorkshire. Whether you're sipping our gins or enjoying our rums, each bottle tells a unique story of craftsmanship and coastal charm.