November 17, 2020 1 min read

This year Christmas shopping is taking on a whole new agenda.  We want to encourage everyone to shop from small businesses this year to help spread the Christmas cheer a little bit further. 
Here are our 3 reasons to shop from a small businesses this year…
People are running the business not Boards, Stakeholders or Panels. The chances are you will be dealing with the business owners directly when you are making a purchase. This means that more often than not your product will be of a higher quality as their products are a reflection of themselves. 
Small business utilise regional couriers, employ local people and use suppliers across the region. By buying a product from a small business you are helping sustain a multitude of jobs across the area. This year has been a tough year for small business owners with many of them falling through the gaps for Government support. By shopping local, you’re not only supporting a local small business owner, you’re having a positive impact in the area you live, too.
 Small business are often hubs in local communities working on projects which go above and beyond what you see on their online store. For example are working on our new distillery that will bring new jobs to the Whitby area and champion sustainable practices. So by buying a bottle of Whitby Gin not only are you getting some tasty coastal spirit you are also helping fund our new premises. To find out more check out our Founders Club
There are tons of more reasons to shop small but these are our top 3.