Whitby Real Rhubarb Gin

April 06, 2022 2 min read

Whitby Real Rhubarb Gin

Last year, we released an experimental Rhubarb Gin in the form of a Coastal Curiosity. The feedback on this was amazing and so we decided to bring it back as its very own Real Rhubarb Edition.

A little reminder of how our Rhubarb Gin came about…

One cold and frosty morning in February 2021 as we drove to Pudsey, West Yorkshire, we thought to ourselves "how can a vegetable grow in this freezing weather!"

We pulled up to Robert Tomlinson's farm where we heard the tale of how this beguiling pink stem is born and has been grown here by his family for 4 generations. This 23km² area is known as the Yorkshire Rhubarb Triangle, is home to flinty soil, which with high rainfall is perfect for this vegetal oddity.

As we walked past the frozen fields, we headed into a large barn and then through a small door.
With Stereophonics blasting in the background, it took our eyes a few seconds to adjust to the darkness. As the room came into focus, we noticed thousands of pink stems lit by candlelight looking like crowds packed together at Glastonbury, with silent workers floating attentively seeing to the rhubarb's needs. We took home a heap of rhubarb and released just 100 bottles of Whitby Rhubarb Gin; this batch sold in a matter of days.

We then spent the next 10 months perfecting the recipe with the culinary wizard Matt Hunter.

This year, we have crafted a bigger batch and packed it with even more Yorkshire rhubarb. Your taste buds will be hit with the flavours of sweet rhubarb followed by crisp juniper notes.

To buy a bottle from our limited batch please visit our online store.