Rediscovering the Authentic: The Journey of Our Yorkshire Rhubarb Gin

February 17, 2024 2 min read

Rediscovering the Authentic: The Journey of Our Yorkshire Rhubarb Gin

In the heart of Yorkshire, amidst the frost-kissed fields and the whispers of tradition, lies a tale as captivating as the land itself. It's a story of resilience, of craft, and above all, of a vegetable that defies the odds to emerge as the star of one of our most beloved spirits: Whitby Rhubarb Gin.

But beware: This isn't your typical Rhubarb Gin found on the market. We favour savoury, authentic vegetable flavours over the sweet, synthetic alternatives.

Our story began on a cold February morning in 2021, as we embarked on a journey to Pudsey, West Yorkshire. What awaited us was beyond imagination. Nestled within the Yorkshire Rhubarb Triangle, Robert Tomlinson's farm stood as a testament to generations of dedication to this peculiar pink stem.

As we stepped into the barn, the air hummed with anticipation. Amidst candlelit rows of rhubarb, tended to with the care of artisans, we found inspiration. Our Whitby Rhubarb Gin was born.


Now, as we enter our fourth season of this delightful spirit, the recipe remains the same, guided by the culinary genius of Matt Hunter. A symphony of flavours, where the subtle sweetness of Yorkshire rhubarb dances harmoniously with the crisp juniper notes, encapsulating the essence of the land itself.

But what makes our Yorkshire Rhubarb truly special? It's not just its taste, but the journey it undertakes before gracing your glass.

Forced rhubarb, a delicacy out of season, undergoes a transformative process, where frost and darkness coax it to greatness. Harvested by candlelight to preserve its tenderness, each stem embodies the dedication of those who nurture it. This tradition, rooted in Yorkshire's history since 1877, is a testament to the region's ingenuity and perseverance.

Yet, this legacy faces an uncertain future. Urbanisation threatens the Rhubarb Triangle, with only a handful of growers left to carry the torch. It's a reminder of the fragility of tradition and the importance of preserving our heritage.

So, as you savour each sip of our Real Rhubarb Edition, remember the story it carries. A story of resilience, craftsmanship, and of a vegetable that defies expectations to emerge as the pride of Yorkshire.

But don't just take our word for it. Embrace the spirit of Yorkshire Rhubarb in your own kitchen. From pies to preserves, let its vibrant flavours inspire your culinary creations.

One of our firm favourites is the Botham Rhubarb Brack

Join us in celebrating the authentic, the artisanal, and the extraordinary.