Our coastal spirit now has a new vessel!

August 01, 2020 1 min read

Our coastal spirit now has a new vessel!

Our coastal spirit now has a new vessel!

Ready for Yorkshire Day we want to exclusively share with you the first peak at our new bottle and give you the oppportunity to pre-order.

Our bottle is environmentally friendly, plastic-free and designed & manufactured in Yorkshire.

 The beautifully sculpted bottle contains the coastal spirit of the North and is an extension of our identity and commitment to sustainability.

Sealing the bottle you’ll find an all-natural cork with a wood top and a paper seal featuring Whitby's maritime co-ordinates. The colour is a nod to the varnished timber used for local shipbuilding.

The overriding shape reflects the buoys which you can see bobbing up and down in Whitby Harbour whilst the ripples are reminiscent of the rugged North Sea. If you look carefully you’ll notice waves crashing up the neck of the bottle like those which crash against the West Pier on stormy nights. The flared neck guarantees an easy pour.

Now for the extra special feature...Turn the bottleupside down to discover the world’s first ammonite base. Legend has it that St Hilda, the pioneering abbess of Whitby Abbey during the 7th Century, chased a plague of snakes away from the town. In her righteous rage, she removed their heads and turned the snakes into stone. The ammonite has since become a symbol of the town.