New Navy Strength

May 31, 2021 1 min read

New Navy Strength


We have now launched our Navy Strength Gin in support of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust ‘Gives Seas a Chance’ campaign.

Yorkshire’s seas were once full of wildlife but due to decades of neglect and harm, they are falling silent and empty. We have joined forces with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to support work that fights against the clock to save, restore and enhance our beautiful seas and incredible wildlife. £1 from every bottle sale will be donated to support the campaign.

By  campaigning for highly protected marine areas, restoring natural climate solutions like seagrass and oysters, our  seas can be cleaned, and carbon trapped beneath the waves. Donations also fund community work to engage and educate the future guardians of our coastline.  

The Navy Strength Gin is a carefully enhanced recipe of their multi award-winning Original Edition.

At 57% ABV this bold new spirit provides a taste of home on open oceans and distant shores, with botanicals of the coast and moorland. It is Whitby Distillery’s fifth permanent spirit to join their range.

Navy strength gin dates back to the eighteenth century, where officers could test the incoming gin was of acceptable quality by igniting a mixture of the spirit with gunpower. If it ignited, it was ‘proof’ it was of standard. If it did not, it was ‘under proof’ and not fit for the voyage as the gunpowder on board could be rendered useless if the spirit barrels leaked below deck.

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