Great Taste 2020

October 12, 2020 2 min read

Great Taste 2020

It’s been a big month for Awards. We have scooped 2 Awards from the Great Taste!

Our fruit gin Bramble & Bay was 1 of 3 gins to be awarded 2 Stars and our Original Edition attained the only 2 Stars in Yorkshire for its category.

The feedback has been outstanding: 

Bramble & Bay

"A rather beautiful colour and a subtle fruity, woody and herbaceous aroma. The flavour is rather wonderful, taking you on a journey from fruity, to spicy to woody and herbal and then back to fruit again. A really lovely, balanced gin, with a warming spice and lasting fruity finish. Very well-crafted and an appealing combination of botanicals."

"Pronounced nose, juniper led with strong notes of blackcurrant, raspberry, bramble, damson, and herbal characteristics - bay leaves. Some vanilla. On the palate, dry with notes of strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant, along with good juniper structure. Some lemon peel, citrus and orange. Medium intensity of flavours, follows through on the palate. Persistent notes of strawberry and blackcurrant. Dry. Well made and well structured gin. Lovely."

Original Edition 

"Clean gin aromas. A well balanced touch of sweetness from the honey with a hint of moorland flower give a satisfying complexity.  Gentle but clean finish with a hint of citrus."

"Balanced and measured on the nose. Attractively complex with subtle herbaceous and floral notes. Subtle and pretty. Flavoursome and expressive in the mouth, possessing good weight, depth and balance. Sweet citrus notes are set against an attractive bitter finish with grassy notes lingering."


We would like to thank all the judges at the Guild of Fine Food for their feedback. Luke and I will be celebrating with a couple of G&T's this evening.