Coastal Gin Magic: Foraging Heather for the Perfect Seaside Infusion

September 04, 2023 2 min read

Coastal Gin Magic: Foraging Heather for the Perfect Seaside Infusion

Sipping the Moors: A Gin Journey through Ling Heather and Memories 

At Whitby Distillery our gin is more than just a drink; it's a journey through the heart of North York Moors, capturing the essence of the region in every sip. Our Whitby Spirits stand as a tribute to the land we love, and one key botanical that takes centre stage is the charming ling heather.

A Whiff of the Moors: Ling heather is no ordinary botanical; it's a light and earthy companion that gracefully dances through our gin. Unlike its overly floral counterparts, ling heather offers a true taste of the North York Moors – it's a bit like stepping onto the moors on a summer day and inhaling the earthy goodness that surrounds you. If you're visiting Whitby, the sight of its delicate purple blooms as you approach is a picture-perfect welcome.

A Sip of Nostalgia: What led us to embrace ling heather? Well, it's a bit of a nostalgia trip. Growing up on the edges of the moors, the scent of heather holds a special place in my hearts. It's like the aroma of those carefree summer holidays spent exploring and soaking in the moorland delights.

Heather Harvest: The journey from moor to gin is an adventure in itself. We venture into the areas where we have permission to pick ling heather, usually from August to September when it's in full bloom. Armed with boxes of sweet treats and water, our team day out turns into a memory-filled heather-picking escapade as we gather the delicate blooms by hand.

Sustainability & Aromas:Sustainable sourcing is a principle we hold dear, and it aligns perfectly with our heather picking. We take only what we need, ensuring that the moors are left untouched and thriving. Back at the distillery, the heather joins juniper and sugar kelp in a fragrant dance that creates the heart and soul of our gin. The result? An iconic flavour that won the London Dry category's Best in Britain title in 2019.

Sip and Smile: When you sip our gin, you're savouring the essence of the moors – a light earthy aroma that transports you to the heart of North York Moors. It's like taking a stroll through the heather-covered landscape, a moment of connection to the land and its stories.

So, the next time you lift your glass, raise a toast to ling heather, to the North York Moors, and to the team day outs filled with laughter and sweet treats. Our gin isn't just a drink; it's a taste of our moorland memories, and we're thrilled to share it with you in every delightful sip.