Whitby Gin - Coastal Curiosity - Yorkshire Rhubarb

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42% ABV - 700ml

This year we were lucky enough to work with our friend, chef Matt Hunter (@sprouthunter). We combined his culinary knowledge with our distilling experience to create our limited edition Yorkshire Rhubarb Gin.

Matt used his incredible tasting palate and kitchen wizardry to create a pure syrup crafted from the finest Yorkshire forced Rhubarb grown and picked by candlelight at Robert Tomlinson's farm.

'Forced rhubarb’ is deprived of sunlight for extra sweetness and colour. It has been grown and eaten in Yorkshire since the 19th Century.

Our Yorkshire Rhubarb Gin is a sweet 42% ABV Gin which combines our traditional ingredients collected along the Yorkshire coastline with Yorkshire's finest Rhubarb. This orangy pink liquid uses no artificial flavouring or colouring.

We have created the purest form of Rhubarb Gin.

To find out more about Yorkshire Rhubarb please read our blog


Perfect Serve

Light tonic & slice of ginger