Whitby Gin - Barghest Limited Edition

Our most haunting creation, The Barghest Edition is like no other gin you have seen, or tasted, before. 

Raise a glass to Whitby’s gothic history with our limited edition spirit. Each batch of the Barghest Edition contains just 199 bottles, to reflect the number of steps which lead up to Whitby’s emblematic abbey.  


  • Palate:  The Barghest Edition gin is laid to rest in Transylvanian Oak Casks taking on flavours of vanilla and caramel. The oak-aged gin is then gorged in 100% British blackberries and ginger to create a spirit as impressive in appearance as it is on the palate.

    Appearance: Deep red, almost black to the eye but, once diluted, takes on a blood-red hue which would surely tempt even Dracula himself.

    Story: An omen of death, the Barghest is a mythical beast said to stalk the cobbled streets of Whitby on cold, dark, misty nights. Just like the monstrous hound in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the Barghest takes the form of a jet black dog, the colour of which has been our inspiration for this latest edition of Whitby Gin.

  • Perfect Serve

    At 47% ABV the Barghest is enjoyable on the rocks as well as a gin and tonic.

    Fill a glass with lots of chunky ice and add 150ml of Premium tonic. Then add 50ml of The Barghest Edition  and watch the blood red hue deep through the ice. Garnish with a slice of ginger and blackberries Cheers!