Move over Count Dracula. Blood is no longer Whitby’s favourite tipple!


With a unique mix of 15 botanicals, it has an initial sweetness of honey subtly balanced with a saline anchor of sugar kelp. Texturally smooth, the rolling savoury notes of heather and juniper follow with a sustaining warmth and lasting freshness.


Appearance: A pearlescent glow may be seen tonic or ice is added to our gin. This can happen because we choose not to chill-filter our gin so that our gins tastiness is maximised.


Nose: Herbal floral air with hint of sweetness.


Palate: Rich mouthfeel of juniper with a lovely clean freshness which lingers.


IWSC - London Dry Gin - Silver

Spirits Business Gin Masters - Micro-distillery - Silver

Quality Drink Awards - Gin - Silver

Peoples Drink Awards - Gin - Gold


World Gin Awards - Best London Dry Gin (UK)

70cl 42%


Perfect Serve

Enjoyable on the rocks as well as a gin and tonic.

Fill a glass with lots of chunky ice and add 50ml of Whitby Gin. Pair with 150ml of Mediterranean Fever-Tree tonic & garnish with pink grapefruit & a sprig of rosemary.




Whitby Gin - The Original Edition 700ml

  • 3-5 working days delivery

  • 700ml - 42% 

Whitby,  North Yorkshire

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