• Jessica Slater

The secrets in design

Have you ever wondered how the Whitby Gin Icon came about?

Our iconic Whitby Gin label started out as a sketch and looked nothing like you see on the shelf today.

After spending weeks and weeks trying to create a design which depicted all the things I love about my home town we decided the source in a professional and we are so glad we did!

We found an incredible design agency ran by a fellow Yorkshire Couple. With a breadth of experience in the Wine and Spirits industry as well as well as lovers of Whitby, we gave them our brief.

Every mm of the label has been planned.

o The Whitby Abbey Whitby’s most famous icon generating images of Whitby’s dramatic past.

o Gold foiled was used in tribute to the golden sands encompassing Tate Sands beach

o The band and tamper seal have tiny wave incorporated reflecting the Wild North Sea

o A ships wheel sits proudly at the top of the tamper seal in reference to those brave explorers which set sail from Whitbys shores including Captain James Cook.

o Whitby Maritime Coordinate are perfectly placed on the neck of the tamper seal so that you can always find your way home

o Every bottle is hand labelled and numbered by Luke or I

Our label has been adapted for each edition and includes some hidden features. Cats, brambles and gooseberries are conspicuously hidden on our Editions. Can you find them?


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Whitby,  North Yorkshire

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