Whitby Distillery - 20CL


Whitby Gin - Original Edition

Whitby Gin, The Original Edition is a true taste of home, distilled with locally foraged sugar kelp, heather and honey for a bold yet balanced flavour.

The Original Edition is the gin we felt our home town deserved. We spent many months developing the award-winning flavour combination which marries 12 traditional gin botanicals with our signature ingredients. 

Winner of Best British London Dry Gin at the 2019 World Gin Awards.

Strength: 42% ABV


Bramble & Bay Edition

With British blackberries and bay leaf, the Bramble & Bay Edition is a feast for the senses. 

The childhood joy of finding a thicket bejewelled with blackberries has never left us. As children, we would return home, the evidence of our gorge smeared across or cheeks. Now, with the same delight, we collect the plumpest berries for our Bramble and Bay Edition. 

Strength: 38% ABV


Wild Old Tom Edition

A delicious twist on our original award-winning recipe, Wild Old Tom harks back to classic Victorian gins.  The perfect tipple for adventurous souls, Wild Old Tom champions native botanicals. We explore the headland and roam the moors in search of gorse and gooseberry to create the wildest member of the Whitby Gin family.

Strength: 42% ABV


The Demeter Edition

Whitby Gin, The Demeter Edition is inspired by the world-famous story of Dracula. The Demeter is the vessel which brought Count Dracula to the shore of Whitby one stormy night.  This gin is a rich and juniper-forward spirit with sweet notes of plum and a spiced finish.  Coastal botanicals pay tribute to the treacherous journey the Demeter and its crew had to ensure from Varna to the UK. The use of plum was chosen for their rich flavour and because they are of course one of bat's favourite foods!

Strength: 42% ABV


The Whitby Rum

Our Whitby Rum, is a tribute to the coastal heritage and flavors of Whitby. Distilled with sea-buckthorn and pepper dulse, this rum is then aged in Madeira casks, resulting in a smooth, mellow spiced rum with nuanced notes of charred orange, hints of cinnamon, and whispers of caramel.

Strength: 40% ABV